Caviar & Friends

Caviar & Friends


Combining aesthetics and product quality in equal measure, our Caviar is sourced from the best farms around the world, where respect for ethical aquaculture is a must.

The Caviar

Caviar is defined as mature sturgeon eggs and is harvested exclusively from the sturgeon family of fish, mainly in Eurasia. Existing 26 different species of Sturgeon, Caviar & Friends opted to not source its caviar from one specific farm, and decided the selection process must differ, ensuring the best quality caviar for each species.

The Purpose

Created with the intent to add the essence of a modern, youthful and memorable identity to the masked decadent traditional image of Caviar, Caviar & Friends is a consumable experience, a luxury product that you can share with others, setting it apart from individualistic tendencies.


Equally the design aspect of Caviar & Friends is very important, each tin belongs to a collection that has its own special meaning, with their own identity adding another dimension to the experience.