About Us

metodo barman,

…a journey to excellentia

It was early 2002 when we start such amazing journey to Excellentia,

M├ętodo Barman was founded as asmall family business due to the passion of the founder on the hospitality hedonist market.

The first decision was to be established in a strategic geographical area where consolidate almost people as possible coming from target and key future markets and this is why we realize that a place like Balearic Islands receiving more than 12 millions visitors at the time was the right place.

from commodity excellent premixed cocktails to the high end expression of luxury……………

Soon we noticed the lack of professionalism on the sector, and we successfully developed our first brand FREESTYLE COCKTAILS, big success on premixed alcoholic drinks that was, only after three years, sold to an important American multinational. That was the moment to start our transformation and follow the trip to the excellence.

Our basement in the crowded and trendy tourist market, acknowledgment and success in distribution put us on the spotlight of numerous brands that wished at this moment to pin a flag on those profitable and trendy venues.

Brands like Crystal Head Vodka, Dictador, Christiania, Champagne Cattier, etc…was developed with our cooperation during following years and that produced the jump to the premium and super premium market in the one we found much easy space. After that, since the very beginning of the brand we start our really nice experience with Armand de Brignac Champagne that we keep distributing, and we proudly become commercial partners of extraordinary Tesseron cognac.

But it was in 2015 when the big jump to the high end was produced. The magic moment that we had the commitment of developing a real luxury brand, CLASE AZUL TEQUILA. We were appointed to introduce the brand in EMEAI markets and this job was done with an amazing success with more than 20 luxury international markets and top distributors achieved. Lots of things learned since this moment and big transformation in the professional and personal way since this meeting.

Today EMB owners are integrated on Clase Azul structure and EMB keep acting as distributor in Spain.

since excellentia arrived…

we act in more than 20 markets in Europe, Middle East, India and Asia proud of cooperate with the most loyal and reliable partners.

We turn the marketing established concept capsizing the pyramid, so our strategy is the acknowledgment of the consumer.

The credibility is the base of future contracts, and we know that. This is way we only work with brands based on the true. Quality and excellence is also transparency.

CACCIAPRAT VERMOUTH was created using 95 YO plants of grenache from the DOC Priorat and today is starting to captive the world. A brand fully owned by EMB.

And a fantastic joint venture with luxury brand GUILLOTINE VODKA is yet to start in EMEAI territories.

Nowadays new projects are welcome, and we are keen to hear from brand owners their wishes and honestly cooperate and be in service if strategies are aligned.

You are more than welcome to contact us. We invite you to join the journey